About US

In 2008, Apathe was originally formed in Hutchinson, Minnesota by frontman Austin Paolillo on guitar/vocals, Shawn Anderson on lead guitar and Jack Cavanaugh on percussion. Seeing some lineup changes, Apathe soon progressed to Rob Knacke and Dustin Christensen on guitar, Jon Knacke on bass, and Fred Anderson on percussion. Performing in the central Minnesota area, Apathe soon gained popularity and were quickly gaining recognition as a must-see act in the Minnesota rock scene.

Apathe developed an original sound with songs such as April to may, numbers, and sell for steam, headlining festivals and being asked to open for national touring acts, as well as winnng the best rock group award with the international music festival in 2009.

Disbanding in 2010 left the energy of apathe dormant for a number of years. Then in 2021, in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, Austin Paolillo, Robert Knacke, Fred Anderson & Dustin Christensen decided there was never a better time to get together and deliver on what the world needed most, a way to share and appreciate one another in a time when it was impossible to be together.

Today, Apathe serves the minnesota area as the premier rock act playing all original hits in the greater Minnesota area.